Law Firm Golan & Christie representing Quality Logo Products Inc. loses UDRP case in its attempt to unfairly grab 14 year old QLP.com domain name.

  Get on the Web Limited registered the domain name QLP.com in 1999. Lawyers Golan & Christie in their submission repeatedly and incorrectly stated that Get on the Web Limited obtained the domain name in 2005.

Below is the trademark certificate submitted by Anita J. Pancholi and Beverly A. Berneman of Law Firm Golan & Christie representing Quality Logo Products Inc., in Annex J of their UDRP complaint depicting a design of a robot with the letters QLP on its chest. The certificate shows a "First use" date of 06-11-2003 and "First use in Commerce" date of 06-11-2003 (a date which would have predated their incorrectly stated date of acquisition by Get on the Web Limited of 2005 of the domain name QLP.com).
  trademark certificate submitted by complainant in UDRP case for QLP.com domain name  

Below is the request dated 16th September 2013 (prior to submission of the UDRP complaint filing) to correct the first use date from 06/11/2003 to 06/11/2013 stating "This request is for a correction of the dates of First Use in Commerce. Specifically, we wish to correct an error listing the First Use in Commerce date as 06/11/2003 to 06/11/2013". No mention of this was made by the complainant when submitting the UDRP complaint dated 26th September 2013 (10 days after the requested change had been implemented by the USPTO).



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